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change10 Nov 2008

Object-Arts and Lesser Software recently announced that they are creating the "Next Generation of Dolphin Smalltalk". Sounds great! More information at the Object Arts website. The benchmarks look fast!

change19 Jul 2006

Esteban A. Maringolo has ported Swazoo 1.1.4 and Sport to Dolphin, and also has an adapted 2.6 port of Seaside. All downloads and more information at: Thanks Esteban!

change6 Mar 2006

A new version of the Smalllint Browser has been released for Dolphin 6. See the Smalllint Browser page for the download and more information. Update: Blair wrote: You can lint a package or multiple packages in the CodeMentor in the SystemBrowser. Just select the package or packages you want, and make sure there is no class or method selection.

There is also a new version of the View Action Queue here: which contains a work around to D6 not being able to create view instances in the #startup method.

change 23 Jan 2006

Andy Bower has uploaded a zip file of Dolphin 6 versions of Swazoo and a number of other goodies from this site. The link is: Thanks Andy!

FWIW: The goodies on this site are not completely unmaintained ... it just looks that way! My main work at the moment requires D5, and won't be finished until mid 2006. Once I have done that, I will look at moving everything to D6.

change 12 Jan 2006

Happy New Year!

change 20 Nov 2005

Sean Malloy has ported the latest VW Swazoo to Dolphin 6. Thanks Sean! It can be downloaded from The direct download link is Please see the Swazoo page for more information.

change 12 April 2005

With the release of Dolphin 6 just around the corner, we thought it was about time we gave dolphinharbor some long overdue attention. At the moment the only change is a bit of a face lift (thanks to Blender), but over the next couple of months we aim to get the packages hosted on dolphinharbor updated to Dolphin 6. Stay tuned!

change 8 Jun 2004

Moved the old version of the Seaside port to dolphinharbor.

change 7 May 2004

New version of the WindowsShell Project with bug fixes and enhancments by Louis Sumberg

change 7 May 2004

Louis Sumberg is hosting the Gdiplus packages. Gdiplus is a powerful graphics library, and the wrapping contains many samples and example code.

change 22 August 2003

We are back!. After 240 continuous up days, the old Dolphinharbor machine died during a reboot after applying an OS security patch. We are now running on new hardware and should have most of the content restored over the coming weeks. For the moment, there will be a few broken links and a couple of services not available.

change 7 June 2003

New version of the Spray Terra client sample and update of the file. This updates the client to work with the new namespaces and urls. To update the source code, file-in:

change 12 January 2003

First release of the HTTPClient 11 project by Steve Waring.

change 6 November 2002

Bug fix release of Dolphin YAXO.

change 27 October 2002

New release of the Smalllint Browser. Includes a "Class Lint" browser plugin.

change 26 October 2002

Dolphin 5 release of the WinInet wrapping by Steve Waring.

change 14 October 2002

Bug fix release of the Spray Terra client sample and update of the file. This fixes a problem discussed here and here.

change 4 September 2002

First beta release of WindowsShell Project

by Louis Sumberg and Steve Waring.

change 3 September 2002

Must be that time of the year ... cleaned up some old Dolphin3/4 code. Added two new small goodies: IconClick Trees and RichText Builder. Steve Waring

change 1 September 2002

Bug-fix update to YAXO Goodie and addition of XML Builder Goodie.

change 12 August 2002

Spray's interop results have been updated for the Soapbuilders Round2 , Soapbuilders Round3 and the XMethod's listed services.

change 4 July 2002

Camp Smalltalk 4 photos .

change 6 May 2002

Welcome to the the new dolphinharbor, redesigned for the release of Dolphin 5!

New versions of Spray and Swazoo are available for Dolphin 5, as well as the first beta release of FS FastCGI and a number of goodies.

A number of Spray client executables can be downloaded. These have all been deployed using Dolphin's ToGo technology.