is a SAX XML parser by Duane Maxwell, Andres Valloud, Michael Rueger. Ported to Dolphin by Steve Waring.


is a package which provides a Filename class with similar semantics to VW. By Steve Waring and Jerry Bell.


By Duane Maxwell. Ported to Dolphin by Steve Waring.

http client

is a lightweight HTTPClient that uses Dolphin's Socket package. By Steve Waring.

app bar

is an application bar implementation. By Jerry Bell.

cmdLine flags

is a session manager with limited support for command line parameters and switches. By Steve Waring.

spray progress

is two progress dialog variations. One modifies exception handling, the other ticks over based on a timer. By Steve Waring.

SmallLint Browser

is a Dolphin 5 Tool Shell for Smalllint. By Steve Waring.

SUnitBrowser IDE Extension

is a Dolphin 5 IDE Extension for Jeffery Odell's SUnitBrowser. It adds three menu commands to the base browsers. By Steve Waring.

SW XMLBuilder

A number of classes used to build and access XML. By Steve Waring.

IconClick Trees

A TreeView subclass that handles icon clicks. By Steve Waring.

RichText builder

A RichText instance builder using the WriteStream protocol. By Steve Waring.


A wrapping of the WinInet DLL for Dolphin. By Steve Waring.