Yaxo: Yet another XML Framework

Yaxo is a SAX XML parser for Squeak Smalltalk by: Duane Maxwell, Andres Valloud, Michael Rueger. Ported to Dolphin by Steve Waring.

See Yaxo's home page for more information.


From http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml

"... Validating and non-validating processors alike must report violations of this specification's well-formedness constraints in the content of the document entity and any other parsed entities that they read ... "
" ... Non-validating processors are required to check only the document entity, including the entire internal DTD subset, for well-formedness."

Yaxo is a non-validating processor. Most of Yaxo's remaining test failures result from:


Note: These packages are also included in the SW XMLBuilder Goodie.

Download: DolphinYAXO_5.1.2.zip (download may be redirected to mirror)

Release Date: 6 Nov 2002

Version: 5.1.2

Release Notes


5.1.1 2 Sep 2002

5.1.0 6 May 2002