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Update - 17 July 2006 - Esteban A. Maringolo has ported Swazoo 1.1.4 and Sport to Dolphin, and also has an adapted 2.6 port of Seaside. All downloads and more information at: http://emaringolo.users.dolphinmap.net/. Thanks Esteban!

Notes from Esteban: Sport provides a consistent interface to things which are implemented differently in most Smalltalk dialects. Sport provides wrappers for Exceptions, Times & Dates, Files, Sockets and more.

This version of Swazoo (1.1.4) is based on the Sport compatibility layer, and is ported directly from the main code stream on the Cincom VW Public Repository.

Update - 20 November 2005 - Sean Malloy has ported the latest VW Swazoo to Dolphin 6. Thanks Sean! It can be downloaded from http://www.arcturus.com.au/dolphin/. The direct download link is http://www.arcturus.com.au/dolphin/Swazoo-Dolphin-0.9.101.zip.

Notes from Sean: Right now the 0.9.101 port is a straight port from VW, with no-frills addons (I introduced a few new html/url encoding classes, and some portability stuff, but thats about it).

Please note: Some other packages on Dolphinharbor (such as Spray) still include the older version of Swazoo as they have not been tested with the new version.

Swazoo is an open source HTTP Server and web application framework.

This is the Dolphin port of Swazoo. For information and downloads for other dialects see the Camp Smalltalk wiki and the Swazoo sourceforge home.



9th April 2005: Sorry, the demonstrations below are no longer available.

The Swazoo download includes a TestSample Site. This has been deployed as an executable "ToGo" application and is running on dolphinharbor at: TestSample (Link will open in new browser).

Swazoo is used as the HTTP Server in a Spray server sample. This sample has been deployed to an 820Kb executable.

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