Smalltalk Documents

Jerry is an avid collector of historical Smalltalk documents and books.

PIE documents

A couple of PIE documents which the folks at PARC were nice enough to copy and send me. Both are (c) Xerox.

Personal Dynamic Media

A Xerox PARC Orange Book entitled Personal Dynamic Media stamped (c) 1976.

Background by Alan Kay posted to the Squeak Development list:

For those who are interested, this was originally a proposal to NSF in 1975 (written by Adele Goldberg and myself) to get support for large scale longitudinal studies of the effects of Smalltalk-72 programming by children. NSF deemed this to be much too controversial (they were funding Seymour Papert at the time and were starting to get cold feet about LOGO as well) and turned down our request.
In 1976 we edited the proposal and published this orange PARC report. Then we got asked to do an article for IEEE Computer, and Adele decided to really edit it down. So this is a hefty superset of the IEEE Computer article. Then I got asked to do a Scientific American article for their special issue on Microcomputing for Sept 77.