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  • Interest rate of Sacombank bank loan in 2018
  • Loan benefits
  • Conditions for loan approval
  • Profile required procedures

It’s easy to borrow SacomBank bank loans with attractive interest rates, get quick loans, but the conditions and procedures are extremely simple.

Customers who borrow money to mortgage red books of Sacombank will be supported with limited funds up to 100% of demand, along with attractive interest rates to help reduce the debt burden.

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Interest rate of Sacombank bank loan in 2018

Interest rate of Sacombank bank loan in 2018

Product Interest rate Maximum loan Tenor
Home loan 8.5% 100% demand 20 years
Borrow a car 8.5% 100% demand 10 years
Borrowing business 8.5% 100% demand flexible
Borrowing agricultural production 8.5% 100% demand 5 years
Borrowing consumer mortgage 7.8% 100% demand 15 years
Borrowing securities business 7.49% 100% demand 5 years
Student loans 7.8% 100% demand 10 years

Loan benefits

Loan benefits

  • The interest rate for Sacombank loans is very favorable from 7-9% / year .
  • Customers can easily get loans up to 100% of demand.
  • Lending term is flexible and flexible, depending on each product, helping customers reduce the burden of debt repayment.
  • Support many types of collateral such as real estate, red book or assets to buy.
  • Simple mortgage application, customers can be disbursed on the same day.
  • Customers are consulted by a team of professional staff and guided by the procedure.

Conditions for loan approval

Conditions for loan approval

  • Customers mortgaged at Sacombank must be Vietnamese individuals and households.
  • Customers are aged from 18 to 60 years old.
  • Customers can prove their income, ensuring their ability to repay the bank.
  • Have secured property by yourself or by guarantor. Security assets are real estate, red books, savings books, or assets intended to be purchased …

Profile required procedures

Profile required procedures

  • Request for mortgage loan according to Sacombank’s bank form.
  • Copy of ID card, Household Book, Confirmation of single or marriage registration certificate (if any) …
  • Documents to prove income: Labor contract, payroll with confirmation of the agency, Salary account statement …
  • Documents to prove the purpose of loan: apartment purchase contract, receipt of deposit for house purchase …
  • Records of collateral: red book, savings book, guarantee of real estate owner.

Mortgages at Sacombank are a better choice for customers who want to seek large capital, flexible time and low interest rates.

, So, do not hesitate, send registration information of mortgage mortgage at Sacombank now so that our counselors can quickly call for advice, free support on the day!


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