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The repurchase of Hans Brinker, also called consolidation of Hans Brinkers or consolidation or restructuring is a financial means to answer to a situation of overindebtedness. Indeed, for a person who has accumulated too much debt, the redemption of Hans Brinker is the best solution to reduce the amount of monthly repayments. The purpose of the Hans Brinker redemption is to reduce the overall amount of all monthly repayments. This reduction in monthly payments, however, leads to an increase in the repayment period. Performing a real estate mortgage redemption simulation allows you to easily find the best deals.

As operation, the repurchase of Hans Brinker consists in renewing one or more already existing Hans Brinkers against a single Hans Brinker, at a lower rate and having a fair amortization over a greater period in adequacy with the incomes of the borrower.

The repurchase of Hans Brinker allows individuals to find a durable and stable solution to their excessive debt. A repurchase of Hans Brinker followed by a reduction in monthly payments pushes the load back chronologically. Finally, the borrower therefore trades in the short term for his debts against a larger long-term debt. Simply use the real estate loan redemption simulator above to speed up your steps and get a real estate mortgage buyout at the best rate .

There are many types of Hans Brinker repurchases including the purchase of professional Hans Brinker, the repurchase of Hans Brinker by sale-purchase with repurchase, the repurchase of Hans Brinker owner, or the repurchase of tenant regrouping many Hans Brinkers with the consumption and finally the repurchase including real estate loans and consumer Hans Brinker.

Subscription to a mortgage repurchase

Subscription to a mortgage repurchase

It should be known that the repurchase of real estate Hans Brinker includes all the real estate monthly payments plus the Hans Brinkers of the consumption of which the affected Hans Brinker, the revolving Hans Brinker or the personal loan and other. This repurchase of mortgage is done in the optics to exchange the old monthly payments for a single loan whose rate is more advantageous. In addition, this Hans Brinker consolidation, which is the repurchase of real estate Hans Brinker, includes a cash flow that makes it possible to finance any project or to anticipate a need.

Although, in general, the repurchase of mortgage often includes a mortgage, the repurchase of Hans Brinker thus becomes mortgage. Instead of repaying a high-rate home loan, the buy back of a loan can take advantage of a lower rate to reduce the total cost of monthly payments, reduce the repayment term, or reduce the amount of monthly repayments. . The downward negotiated rate thus saves money and alleviates the cash flow of the over-indebted borrower.

The different types of repurchase of real estate loans

The different types of repurchase of real estate loans

There are two choices regarding the purchase of home loans. The first choice is internal renegotiation while the second is external renegotiation. As for the internal, this is done with the financial institution from which the debts were initially contracted. With respect to external renegotiation, as the name implies, it is made to another institution other than the one to which the debtor has made the loans. It should be noted that the first choice is rare because the banks have difficulty in granting a different and lighter rate than the one previously agreed with the borrower. That’s why people wanting to buy real estate loans are turning to external renegotiation.

Costs incurred for a mortgage repurchase

Costs incurred for a mortgage repurchase

In short, there are three charges related to a real estate loan redemption, including early repayment benefits, new guarantee fees and the application fees. Regarding the application fees, these are equivalent to about 1% of the amount borrowed. Prepayment benefits represent approximately 3% of the remaining principal and for the new guarantee fees, they represent no more than 5% of the amount borrowed and constitute a guarantee for the financial institution granting the redemption. performed by the debtor. It is to know that for the expenses of file and the new expenses of guarantee, these can be revised downwards even cancel if there are convincing arguments and heavy on the balance.

The interest of using a Real Estate Broker for a loan buyback: You should know that it is not easy to build a file in the context of a buy back Hans Brinker. Indeed, it takes time, know-how and experience. This is where the broker comes in. The latter also known as an intermediary in banking operation is the professional trader with financial institutions. Knowing the tricks of the trade, the broker will be able to highlight the file of a borrower and thus find a repurchase of mortgage corresponding most to the financial profile of the borrower, but also to the expectations and expectations of the latter.

Real estate loan redemption simulation

Real estate loan redemption simulation

It should be noted that financial institutions do not have the same rate or the same repayment term for mortgage repurchases. Indeed, like any investment institution, everyone has their margins and preambles for a mortgage repurchase. Different offers, different rates, but also various monthly payments and various repayment periods. The best way before subscribing to a real estate loan buyback is to perform a real estate buyout simulation in order to compare offers. The realization of the application for repurchase of real estate Hans Brinker online avoids the borrower travel to save time.

The advantage of an online quote request is that it is completely free and fast. The borrower can compare many quotes and opt for the repurchase of real estate Hans Brinker that suits him while taking into account his monthly income, the interest rate and the repayment period.

The repurchase of mortgage is a suitable option for borrowers who have exceeded their limit of payment. Typically, an over-indebted borrower who does not resort to a Hans Brinker buy-out rarely does it. The advantages of a mortgage purchase are many and allow a reduction in monthly payments, but also the lower repayment rate according to the negotiations. Only the short-term period of old debts becomes a long repayment period for a single debt.


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